Nurturing Healthy Habits: Your Guide to Every Kid Healthy Week


Smiling children sitting at a healthy snack table

Every Kid Healthy Week, organized by Action for Healthy Kids and celebrated annually during the last week of April, is a special initiative designed to highlight the importance of health and wellness in children’s lives. Each day between April 22 and 26 will correspond to a different aspect of healthy living.


Below, our team has compiled a list of this year’s themes and recommended activities. We hope you’ll share them with the kids in your life!


Mindful Monday
Mindful Monday highlights the importance of social-emotional health. Action for Healthy Kids recommends the following activities, among others, to establish mindfulness skills and encourage mental resilience in children:

  • Create a calm-down corner
  • Journal
  • Encourage reflection
  • Spend time together without screens
  • Practice mindful breathing exercises


Tasty Tuesday
This Tuesday, you can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy eating by exposing your kids to new foods and healthy preparation habits. Try exploring:


Wellness Wednesday
Physical activity contributes to more than one kind of wellness. Support your child’s physical, mental and emotional health by:

  • Incorporating walking into your daily routine
  • Taking brain breaks with the AFHK physical activity dice
  • Using common household items for fitness fun
  • Limiting screen time


Thoughtful Thursday
Thoughtful Thursday creates an opportunity to address the hurdles that might pop up in your child’s life. This could look like:


Family Friday
Family engagement is crucial for your child’s wellness journey. Every family looks different, but you can ensure the kids in your life have a support system that works for them by:

  • Participating in family-school partnerships
  • Creating a family self-care plan
  • Modeling healthy behaviors
  • Engaging in physical activity with family and friends
  • Connecting over shared meals


Participate and Share
We’ve all heard the adage, “It takes a village.” Sharing your Every Kid Healthy Week experiences with the hashtag #EKHW24 can help spread the word and inspire others.


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